Fixtures and Finishes

Selecting finishes and products for your new kitchen can be fun! But with so many materials and products on the market to choose from, for many people it can be a little overwhelming. Colin has a great knowledge of materials and products that are available and can guide you through the selection process to help you achieve a stunning result that will suit your tastes, budget and the overall kitchen design.

The way we approach this is to put together some digital options for you initially. But to fully understand a product, there is nothing like getting out there to see, touch and feel it. Colin can visit suppliers with you to help guide you through the vast array of products that are available. Having an intimate knowledge of your unique kitchen design and a “feel” for your home and style, Colin can work with you to ensure the choices that you make come together to achieve not just a practical and functional kitchen, but a space you will love for many years.

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Cabinet Finishes

Beautiful cabinet finishes can make all the difference to how your kitchen feels. Whether it’s light and bright or darker with a bit of atmosphere the cabinet materials can be used to great effect. A uniform cabinet finish can look great, but combining two or even three different materials can really elevate your kitchen to the next level. As you will be using and living with your kitchen every day, your cabinet finishes need to feel great and be able to handle fingerprints easily!


The right benchtop is so important. There are some amazing laminate products on the market that are practical and cost effective. If your budget allows, stone is always a popular choice. Natural stones like marble and granite are beautiful but do have their drawbacks in terms of practicality. For example, white marble can stain easily and these stains often can’t be removed. Which is why man-made stone is an increasingly popular choice. With so many beautiful designs available it possible to have the best of both worlds. Timber and stainless steel can also be used. Timber can add warmth and charm to your kitchen, while stainless steel can produce an edgy commercial/industrial feel.


The right floor finish is essential in the kitchen. It needs to be durable, practical and even a little forgiving. If you’ve ever dropped a cup on a stone floor, you’ll know what we mean! The kitchen floor works hard! It needs to stand up to the abuse of day to day life, deal with spills easily and of course do all this while being durable and looking beautiful!

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A splashback can completely transform the look of your kitchen, by creating a strong focal point within your layout. No longer just an afterthought, contemporary splashbacks feature more elaborate designs, having moved away from traditional tiling and favouring unique materials and textures. Glass is an extremely versatile material for splashbacks. It can provide the clean lines of a contemporary kitchen, with the potential to add a bold splash of colour or even an eye-catching print to amplify your individuality. Alternatively, mirrored glass can “disappear” while cleverly visually enlarging the space. Stone splashbacks are a great choice, especially for those who love a completely integrated, minimalist look. Using the same material for both the benchtops and splashback will produce an impactful result. Of course, tiled splashbacks are still an appealing way to add individuality to your kitchen. With an endless choice available, tiles can evoke homely charm, or exude a slick, sophisticated feel to even the most minimal design. Other materials like metal, concrete, brick and even timber can be used to elevate the look of your kitchen’s particular style. Colin can help you to consider all options and even encourage you to push your boundaries to find a splashback solution that will enhance your kitchen and be a choice you will be proud of.

Sinks and Taps

Finding the perfect sink is critical! It’s one of the most used spaces in your kitchen and a critical focal point of the overall design, so you need to find sink material that not only is beautiful and stylish, but also matches your individual needs for durability and maintenance. While stainless steel is still a great choice, there are many alternatives. Black granite, Solid surface, porcelain and even other metals like copper and brass can be used to compliment your kitchen’s design, style and of course your unique tastes. Whether your sink and tap needs to be a style-focused, high-end addition to your kitchen, or you’re looking for an attractive but more affordable solution, there is a wide range of options we can help you navigate through.

Cooking Appliances

The type of cooking you do will have an impact on the choice of cooking appliances you make. The choice goes beyond the typical oven, cooktop, rangehood and dishwasher combination. Steam ovens, integrated microwave ovens, coffee machines are also possible. Colin can work with you and with the assistance of industry contacts, help you sift through the many products and possibilities available that will suit your functional requirements, budget and of course your unique style.


The humble fridge has come a long way from a white or stainless-steel box! There are almost endless configurations of doors, drawers and sizes. Its all about convenience and having the right sized fridge and freezer to suit your particular needs. And of course, for a minimalist or contemporary kitchen design, fully integrated options are becoming increasingly popular and affordable.

Lighting & Electrical

Great lighting is essential in any kitchen. Appropriate positioning and type of lighting can be the difference between a dark space where you are constantly working in your own shadow, or a bright easy to use kitchen where good visibility is effortless. Feature lighting can also be used to add individuality and the wow-factor to your kitchen. And let’s not forget the details, like switchgear for power and lighting. We’ll help locate light switches and power points so that they are intuitive and within easy reach. And of course, choose designs that will complement the look and feel of your kitchen.