Kitchen Styles

Kitchen Styles


Modern, clean and sleek! The term ‘contemporary’ is widely used these days. It is a broad description of a design which is both highly efficient and elegant.

It can employ a mix of materials, but it should always be kept simple. The form can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, depending on what works in the space. A contemporary kitchen does not need to be limited to white cabinets! Some beautiful looks can be achieved using dark finishes or add plain timber finishes for a warm and inviting look. Built-in appliances can accentuate the clean lines of this style. Materials and form can allow a contemporary kitchen to look less like conventional kitchen cabinetry, adopting a more “furniture-like” feel, creating a space that you would be proud to share with family and friends.

Handle-free doors and drawers enhance the clean lines. This can be achieved by using push to open systems, either using high quality spring-loaded mechanisms or the increasingly popular electronic solutions which provide effortless functionality. Clean and uncluttered is the key!


The focus with this style is muted, unobtrusive and and restrained, with few items on display, while still maintaining high function and practicality.

It is important to maintain a functional layout, while keeping everything clean, contained and stylish. The minimalist kitchen style is interchangeable with the contemporary style. However, there is more emphasis on simplicity and an understated style.


Whilst there are elements of the contemporary kitchen in a Coastal design, the emphasis is on light and bright (coloured cabinets mixed with pale natural hues and light-coloured flooring, for example).

Muted timber cabinets are often mixed in to add some warmth. contrasting handles against light cabinets can look amazing in this space. Touches of natural materials such as stone, rattan and cane can be used with great effect. Spaces with an abundance of light are the perfect background for a coastal design. Coastal Kitchens are all about easy-living and effortless style.


This style is very popular right now and draws inspiration from the homes in the Hamptons area of New York. The look is timeless an utilises traditional elements used in a more contemporary way.

Tiled splashbacks, panelled cabinetry and feature handles add to the timelessness of the Hamptons style. Ceramic butlers’ sinks have become a very popular addition to achieve the look. Many people go for a “paired-back” Hamptons style which sits effortlessly with modern home styling. Open shelving can be used to display favourite decorative items. But judicious use of open shelving is vital. They should be used for displaying items that you are happy to have on show, not just for general storage.

Thought needs to be given to what you want on display and what should be hidden away. A favourite appliance carefully arranged crockery items or even plants can successfully be incorporated. The key is to give careful consideration to the purpose of open shelves. The arrangement and placement of items on these shelves needs to be maintained to keep your kitchen looking stylish.


The Industrial style draws inspiration from commercial kitchen design, along with the raw environment of loft style or converted warehouse spaces. High ceilings, raw exposed materials such as brick and steel, large open spaces. The industrial style kitchen lends itself to this setting.

That’s not to say you can’t bring this style into a more modest space. Its all about high functionality and being unafraid to have your “tools of the trade” on display. Like most kitchen styles, it can be paired-back to achieve an industrial feel, yet still able to sit practically and effortlessly with the style and size of your home. Use of materials such as stainless steel, or warmer steel finishes such as copper, bronze or brass can really elevate the look. Door pulls and handles in these materials are another way to bring in this raw feel. Exposed brick and raw concrete surfaces are also hallmarks of an industrial feel.

There are great man-made stone options that provide not only the “rawness” of concrete, but the practicality of a modern, low-maintenance material. The use of natural timber is also a hallmark of the industrial look. Particularly timbers that have natural “features”. The more imperfect the better! These timbers can still be incorporated carefully and neatly to achieve a modern yet industrial result. It’s all about how these beautiful materials are applied.

Open shelving is a great way to display your cooking equipment and keeps the space open and airy. But it’s about balance! It’s important to consider what items you are proud to keep on open display and what items and gadgets are just untidy and perhaps should be hidden away.

Careful planning will be the key to creating a stylish space that is interesting but uncluttered. There are also so many great tap, sink and appliance options available that add to a stylish industrial look. Commercial styled sink mixers, sinks and stainless-steel cookers and fridges can really work to give an industrial yet modern and stylish feel.


For me, the Traditional styled kitchen is often interchangeable with the Country style. While traditional styles can include Hamptons or Classic, a country kitchen harks back to our early settlement roots. A large space, with hard-wearing surfaces, often with a timber bench in the centre which was used as a preparation space. Imagine a full-sized chopping block as an island bench! This style is all about warmth, charm and creating a sense of homeliness.

Warm materials, traditional elements and function combine to make this a popular style. You don’t need to go all out with overly fussy details and embellishments. You can create that country feel while still maintaining a modern and clean look.
The use of timber and details such as door and drawer hardware, selection of sink, tapware and appliances can create that warm country feel, while maintaining a clean and easy-living up-to-date sense of style.

Don’t be afraid to use colour in this style of kitchen. Even a well selected wallpaper can add a sense of occasion. This style is all about charm. With careful design, this style can be adapted to suit modern suburban homes without looking out of place.


This style is all about bringing the kitchen to the forefront of your lifestyle. Eat where you cook! Popular in smaller spaces and where you love to just share the experience of preparing and cooking food.

For this reason, urban kitchens can employ a variety of different styles, depending on your tastes and lifestyle. It’s about the keen home chef who wants the activity in the kitchen to be an integral part of life.

Love to grow your own veggies? Direct access to the garden can really make an urban kitchen come alive. Whether its sleek and clean or a charm-filled space, the urban kitchen is a personal and integral part of your day-to-day living.