Detailed Kitchen Design

So, you have reviewed the initial concepts and you’d like to progress further? Colin can work with you to develop a detailed design of your new kitchen.

The full design process:   Colin will meet with you again to discuss what you liked, loved and maybe things you’d like to change about the concept/s.  He’ll then take a deeper dive with you to discover more about your unique requirements.  Some of the areas you’ll go over are:

• The workflow and that all-important “work triangle”
• Home traffic flow and its impact on the kitchen design
• Your kitchen style tastes and preferences
• Storage of smaller appliances and access to them (what to do about that much loved but awkwardly shaped bread maker, air-fryer or mixer)
• Food storage requirements (not just for pantry items, but also refrigerated items, beverages, even the salt and pepper need a place to live)
• Storage of your preparation equipment (pots and pans), crockery and cutlery (the location of your knives and forks is more important than you might think!)
• Waste and recycling (where and what)
• Consideration of any special items that without them, it wouldn’t be your kitchen!
• Initial thoughts of finishes.

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He will perform a detailed measure of the space, including the location of existing services (water, power and gas in particular). After this visit, Colin will develop a more detailed design that utilises all the information you have discovered together. 

Once this is completed, he will send you the design and arrange a time to go over it in detail.  This is usually a few days after sending you the design to give you time to absorb it and think about any questions you may have or changes you would like to consider. 

It’s at this time that you will get into the detail of where everything goes, types of appliances (electric/gas/induction cooktop, steam oven or even a built-in machine for coffee lovers).
As you work with Colin towards the final design, he will remind you that it is never too late to make changes!  Colin prides himself on his collaborative approach and truly believes successful design is not just one that works, but a kitchen you’ll love and be excited to build and experience!